Python is the language of choice for hackers, forensics practitioners and intelligence gatherers. Whether you have never written a line of code before or you are tired of trying to learn Python through meaningless games of tic tac toe, this course will take you from zero to Python hero in no time.

The Automating OSINT Python Course
New! Updated December 2020!

You can't do good intel gathering online without an eyeball on Twitter.
Two bonus modules from the Master Course will get your feet wet with the Twitter API.

Intro to the Twitter API

The no bullsh*t method to learn Python from scratch!


Q. How long does the course take?

Kickass Bonus Material

Course Author

Author of Gray Hat Python & Black Hat Python

Justin Seitz

Author of two Python hacking books, and creator of the training platform and blog, I am is a certified Python nut. My easygoing teaching style has taught thousands of people Python and OSINT techniques.

The Only Online Courses Designed for Coding OSINT Tools

The Master Course is the only course that teaches you had to write Python to automate intel gathering online.
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You don't try to hit nails with a screwdriver. Don't try to write Python with shitty tools either. This module gets you setup to have Python installed, and a proper code writing tool to make your life easier.

Setup Python and Wing IDE

Module 1

What’s Inside

This is the meat and potatos right here.
You learn:
  • Variables and common data types.
  • Lists, dictionaries, loops and JSON.
  • How to write functions.
  • How to troubleshoot errors and crashes.
  • Talking to the web.
Oh, and you get to use Python to solve a serial killer case.

Learning Python the Awesome Way

Module 2
Spreadsheets aren't just for managers and stuffy accountants.
Spreadsheet (CSV) files allow you to push data into other tools like Maltego, Analyst's Notebook and others from your Python scripts. 

BONUS: Working With Spreadsheets

Module 3

Q. How long do I have access to the course?

Q. What happens if I get stuck?

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This varies from student to student. Depending on your experience level it can take between 2 and 10 hours to complete the course. The course has videos, written code, and challenges to keep moving you through the course.

Lifetime access! This means you can come back and refer to the course material anytime you like!

No problem. Even though it is self-paced learning you have access to me (Justin, the guy typing this) anytime you like through the course help system. 

Other questions? Email me and I'll get back to you right away.

Start Course Now! $49.99

Q. What can I expect to be able to do after I am done?

Many of my Python Course students progress on to the Master Course. Many of my students also begin doing things like writing web scrapers, running TOR dark web scanners, or tapping into APIs to track corporate records. Once you have the fundamentals you can easily adapt them to a number of different use cases.