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Automating OSINT Free Webinar

Jumpstart Your Python Skills

Get Up and Running With Python in 1 hour or Less from the Author of Two Python Hacking Books

About The Webinar

This webinar is designed to take you from zero or very little Python knowledge and help you get off and running so that you're ready to start my Automating OSINT training or to try some of the code out in my blog.

In No Time You'll Learn How To:

Install Python and new Python libraries.
Use a Python code editor.
Learn about variables, lists, dictionaries and JSON.

Talk to the web using Python.





Author of two Python hacking books and creator of the Automating OSINT training program I have spent countless hours writing Python. My books were translated into 7 languages, and helped to teach tens of thousands of people how to write Python to automate computer hacking and OSINT tasks. Throughout my career I have used my easygoing style to train organizations both large and small, from Fortune 500's to law enforcement agencies. I can't wait to meet you in this webinar, as you will see I love both writing and teaching Python!

About The Host

Justin Seitz

Webinar Finished!
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