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This is the only course, literally - you can’t get it anywhere else, that teaches you how to write code to automatically extract and analyze data from the web and social media. Join students from around the world from law enforcement, journalism, information security and more.

What Students Are Saying

Students have used course techniques do some really amazing things!

What You Will Learn 

The course is delivered 100% online using a combination of video and written content. You learn at your own pace, no rush, no deadlines and you have unlimited access. Instructor led live sessions help you get one-on-one help and learn additional tips and tricks. Python is the programming language of choice here folks. (Don't know Python? Click here we got a course for that too!)

The Master Course - $999.99

Master Students also get:

a FREE copy of Wing Professional, a Python development environment ($250.00 value).

Two months of Digital Ocean droplet hosting so you have your own Linux server to run scripts on.

 Custom developed challenges to test your mastery of the concepts and to keep your skills sharp.




Facebook is a cruel mistress. It has no API and it is not easily scraped like other websites. Master students will learn some techniques to: 

Store snapshots of Facebook pages
Automate the retrieval of Facebook friends
Monitor Facebook accounts and pages for new posts

Build Your Own OSINT Search Engine

Getting started with Elasticsearch

Modifying previous scripts to store Tweets, Instagram posts, and website data (this is crucial to long term OSINT collection)

Using Kibana, your very own dashboard to search and visualize data across social media and websites you have stored

Developing Python code to query your database for custom searches (there are some really neat geographic features in Elasticsearch you just gotta see)

Meet Your Instructor

Justin Seitz

A respected cyber security expert who has trained and consulted with Fortune 500s, law enforcement agencies, and governments around the world. Author of two Python books that were translated into 7 languages, I have helped to teach tens of thousands of people how to write code to automate computer hacking and OSINT tasks. In October 2014, I presented a unique method for tracking ISIS supporters on Twitter and I hope I can share some OSINT secrets with you too.

I also cover some additional OSINT topics on my blog you can find here.

My books can be found in all major online retailers and your local bookstore:

The Master Course - $999.99

You get everything included in the Basic Course in addition to these additional perks.

FREE copy of Wing Professional, a Python development environment ($250.00 value.

Two months of Digital Ocean droplet hosting so you have your own Linux server to run scripts on.

Custom developed challenges to test your mastery of the concepts and to keep your skills sharp.

Twitter API

Twitter Download all Tweets for a target profile
Discover all friends and followers for any Twitter user
Extract all Tweets from a geographic location
Utilize the Twitter Streaming API to monitor thousands of accounts and up to 25 geographic locations

Web Scraping

Learn to deconstruct websites using Google Chrome
Build your own scrapers to extract data from websites
Automating a web browser to extract tricky content

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Python Class


Learn the basics of Python.
Designed for the absolute beginner.

Prepares you for the Master Course.



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Master Course


 Web Scraping 

OSINT Search Engine
Pandas (Coming Soon!)

Data visualization (Coming Soon!)
 Wing IDE Professional
 Digital Ocean Credit

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"The materials and skills learned in this course are phenomenal. They have enabled me to quickly correlate and analyze events and information from around the web and draw intelligent conclusions. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to advance their intelligence analysis capabilities."
Ethan Dodge, Security Analyst, Adobe Systems

"Automating OSINT by Justin is simply one of the best online courses I've ever taken. It helped me so much to be more effective, and much faster when collecting visual evidence of human rights violations for the project I'm working on at"
Hadi Al-Khatib - Syrian Archive

"I have no hesitation in recommending Justin and his course. He is at the top of his game an is so supportive to his students!"
David Benford – Blackstage Forensics

"Justin’s course has been highly beneficial, and in more than one way. First off, as an Amman-based journalist covering the Syrian conflict, I’ve had to learn how to effectively find, collect and analyze open-source videos, photographs and comments documenting the Syrian Civil War. Justin’s course supercharged my information collection capabilities, equipping me with the tools and skill sets I need to collect data for both broad and targeted analyses, from social network mapping to account geolocation and monitoring."
Joseph Ovid Adams – Syria Direct

"Doing OSINT investigations for clients is a time consuming complex task. I wanted to find a way to automate some of it if possible but had no idea where to turn. I found and it was exactly what I was looking for. As I was barely past the "Hello World" program in Python I was a bit intimidated to join and get started. Justin was incredibly patient and an excellent teacher. Within a very short period of time I was figuring out Python and learning to automate tasks. Justin is always there when I call or email if I have problems. I highly recommend taking this course if you do any kind of OSINT or investigative work."
James Teague – OSINTInvestigations Canada

"I'm loving the course and although my learning is sporadic I'm loving the challenges.  It takes me a  while to get back into Python each time and I'm sure it would be far easier to do it as one long hit but the progressive nature of the course means I just have to review previous code sections to catch
back up.  The course has inspired me to build some OSINT software (along with our real coders at work) that will greatly enhance our research and investigations. It's only in the design phase but all very exciting!"
Jon Webster

"I learned in this course the proper techniques of automated OSINT collection and analysis as promised, but I also learned how to study independently, how to find ways of solving a problem, and perhaps most significantly, I earned the tools that will enable me to continue to develop as an OSINT analyst. Justin was a very knowledgeable and responsive instructor. He was very helpful and did an excellent job, and he was always there if I needed him. I would take another course from him."
S. - Israel



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Featured In:

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Using Pandas for OSINT tasks.

Data visualization.

Twitter API V2